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Tokyo Station Yaesu
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What can tempGrab do for you and your trip to Japan?

It's amazing how the smallest of preparations can make the difference on a vacation. Ever headed overseas with a bad pair of walking shoes? But that's really part of the fun. Anticipating, planning, realizing you brought just enough and not a bit more.

Some of these struggles are a little easier to spot than others. Where will my luggage go when I'm out sightseeing? Easy I'll just put it in my car. No car? Fine I'll leave it at the hotel. No problem, until you get to a place like Japan. No car, no problem. The public transportation is second to none. Too many things to see that aren't near by? No problem. I'll change hotels and cities every couple nights. But then suddenly there it is. Your luggage in your hands. It's an easy mistake to make. So easy in fact that if you stand on any given corner of Tokyo you will see people lugging suitcases and oversized purchases. Coin lockers? Sure if you just want to stow a handbag and even then it's chancy. They near always filled up at all the best locations.

Not to worry. You have the travel trick and all the preparation. tempGrab let's you book your luggage storage ahead of time. Lockers all taken? No problem. Ski poles? No problem. Party of eight with sixteen bulging duffles? No problem. tempGrab is also adding new services. Sure there are places to rent bikes. But those places like paperwork and they like their shop hours. How about just unlocking the chain and peddling away? tempGrab makes it happen. Once again, all booked ahead of time. So really when you get down to it tempGrab offers more good times and less headache. Hey, who couldn't use a little more of that on vacation?

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